Swiss Privacy Laws

SafeSwiss® Secure Communications AG is a privately owned company located in Switzerland. This means our clients benefit from Swiss security infrastructure and strict privacy laws.

Secure Servers

SafeSwiss® head offices are in Lucerne, Switzerland, our servers are physically installed deep within secure facilities located in Zurich, Switzerland. Intrusive attempts to infiltrate and access SafeSwiss® servers are defeated not only by sophisticated SafeSwiss® encryption software, but also by Swiss privacy laws. This is because Switzerland is not subject to EU and US jurisdiction; it has different and stricter privacy conditions to those of other countries.


A party to international assistance treaties, Switzerland is however not subject to the same surveillance directives that exist within the US and EU. In Switzerland it is only possible for the surveillance of an individual to be carried out if that individual has first been informed. This intention is then contestable in a court of law.

Interception of Information

Swiss regulations regarding the lawful or otherwise interception of electronic communications, requires only the provision of the technical means for lawful interception from internet access providers – not internet security application creators such as SafeSwiss®. Because SafeSwiss® servers do not hold any of the original encryption keys used in a SafeSwiss® communication exchange, it is not possible for SafeSwiss® to enable any lawful interception of information.

Protection Guarantees

Swiss law enhances SafeSwiss® security solutions by offering additional privacy and protection guarantees. These guarantees complement our already powerful, digital communications security encryption software.